Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hop in your time machine!! Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Just as I posted my previous monster of a post about my upcoming trip on Korea, I saw that I had a draft from my trip 2 years ago in Uruguay.  I figured I might as well add it.  It doesn't seem finished (I remember the internet was slow and annoying), but here it is just the same.

On New Year's day, we woke up at around 9 to take advantage of free breakfast and pack up our things before checking out of our Montevideo hostel. Since our bus wasn't leaving until 4 in the afternoon, we decided to wander the city a bit more and at some point grab lunch. Little did we know that would be practically impossible!
We decided to walk out towards the beach area in town and sit in a nearby park and read. Once we tired of that, our tummies were grumbling so we figured we'd find a local eatery. It being Jan 1, everything was shut down. There was the odd convenience store that was open, as was the ice cream shop we had been to the previous day, but nothing to get an actual meal - not even McDonald's! After about an hour of walking, we finally found one restaurant open near our hostel. Not surprisingly, it was packed. Once we finally had some food in us, it was time to go to the bus station to take a 4.5 hour trip to our little beach village.
It was a mostly uneventful trip, but I found it to be quite warm. The sun was hot that day! We arrived in town around 8pm and trekked to our hostel on the other side of the quaint fishing town. When we checked in, we were told that guests staying in the suites, which we were, had the open to get their breakfast in bed every morning. And best of all, for FREE! We wandered into town and had a late dinner (or I should say late for us dinner since 10pm is a standard dinner time in South America) and ice cream. As a side note, I have to say, the ice cream down here is pretty good. Not as hard as it is back home, but not as soft as gelato. And it's nice and creamy. Matthew approves too.
We were both pretty exhausted so we went back to our hostel and fell fast asleep as we listened to the waves crashing only a short distance from our room. The next day, I wanted to be lazy and relax the whole day, since that was the intention of going to Punta del Diablo. We read in the hammocks that were on our room balcony (that overlooked the ocean - it was quite lovely!). Later in the afternoon, we finally managed to load up on the sunscreen and head down to the beach. It was quite nice, but the water was a bit too cold for me, so I mostly stayed on my towel. There were good waves and therefore many surfers too.

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