Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Working on my Italian...its a little non-existant

So here I am sitting in Frienze aka Florence. Its been quite a whirlwind trip here. I arrived in town last night at 630, and walked a few blocks to find my couchsurfers' apartment. It's in a good part of town and is super nice inside! Lenny (real name Andrea - apparently a very popular boys name here in Italy, but he goes by nickname of Lenny) was very nice and made us a nice italian dinner of salad, cheese, bread and meat-quite tasty even if it was stuff Iwouldnt normally eat...see, I am trying new things! :-) After dinner another couch surfer from Australia (Wendy) who was staying at a nearby hostel came by for a few drinks. Aparently theres a "rule"in Italy that once you open a bottle of wine, you must finish it. Andrea and I had already had half a bottle each by the time Wendy arrived, and I was already feeling it hard, so the extra third of red was, I thought a little risky, but it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be! Once the vino was gone, we decided to take a walk around the city since I hadnt really seen any of the sights yet. We walked to the Duomo, the River Arno and a couple other places I dont remember the name of, but at least I took pictures. I sure am glad that I've been able to master my camera on this trip! Since I figured out how to use and set the white balance, Ive been able to take some pretty awesome shots, even at night...some of which will definately be worth enlarging and hanging on the wall at home! They also have a replica of Michelangelo's David in one of the squares, so while I didnt get to see the real thing (its in one of the museums in town which was obviously closed last night) it was a good consolation prize. We walked for quite a while and didnt get to bed till quite late. Andrea had to leave for work early this am, so here I am in an internet cafe waiting for my train to Roma, where I will meet my next couch surfing host at the Vatican. I am quite tired and imagine I will sleep for the 1 1/2 trip on the train. First class train travel can be quite comfy!

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