Thursday, August 20, 2009

In the beginning...

Ok gang, here we go again! Another trip, another blog. I figure this is still the best way to keep every one up to date on my adventures around the globe, but since I'm now living the single life, I had to start up a new one! In only a few short days, I will be travelling to Europe for two and a half weeks. Since I wll be flying stand by, I found out tonight I will have to leave a day earlier than anticipated because the flights are looking a little full on Tuesday. During my trip, I plan to visit France (Paris, Nice), Monaco, Italy (Florence, Rome, Venice), Liechenstein, and Switzerland (Interlaken, Lucern, Lausanne, Geneva). Since I have an extra day, I now need to decide where to spend it....I think it'll either be Lyon, France or Luxembourg (another country checked off the list that way!) There's still much to do (like pack) and so little time to do it in. Best get on it!

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