Monday, August 24, 2009

T minus...

...three hours and ten minutes, or one hour and ten minutes depending on your countdown. I'm out of the office, and officially on vacation, as of 1pm today to head off to the airport to catch a 3pm flight to Montreal. A few hours of waiting and visiting with my mom (who works at the YUL), then I get to find out if there's room for me on the Montreal-Paris flight for tonight! I checked the flight loads this morning, and while economy is currently over sold, there are still a few seats in business class. Here's to hoping I'm lucky enough to get on the flight...and extra lucky enough to get business! That would be sweeeet! They even have those fully lay flat beds! Wouldn't that be a great way to start my trip! One could only hope... So long as I don't get a middle seat between screaming kids, I'll be happy! Next update will either be from Paris, or Brownsburg while I crash at my mom's and try my luck for a flight again on Tuesday. Stay tuned!

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