Saturday, August 29, 2009

Only sort of looking forward to tomorrow...

Pretty quiet day here today. Didnt end up going out last night and slept for 11 hours instead...clearly I needed it! Went to the perfumerie in Eze and got a new scent! As well as souvenirs for people back home...dont take it to mean i think you smell bad! much of the rest of the day was spent figuring out my next stay and its logistics. The trains are pretty full because every one in france and italy are on holidays. So now I have to take a train from Nice to Vetimetia (or something like that) to Genoa to Florence. Itll be a long 10 hour travel day (boourns!) Then I had to confirm my accomodations. I will be couch surfing for the first time (although i have hosted a couple times already) and needed to find out from him when/where to meet. Turns out I get in at 10pm, but hes not around until 11pm so we'll see how that plays out...hopefully well! Hence the title of this post: im looking forward to seeing new places and continuing on my journey, but it will be a long and stressful day Im sure! My plans tonight have changed...i was supposed to go on a party boat cruise...all you can drink in the middle of the sea for 5 hours. But they pushed the date back til tomorrow night, you can imagine my disappointment! So Ill be meeting up with some girls from the pub crawl the other night at about 12 30...I think before then I will pack up my stuff so I can just wake up and leave tomorrow. Thats called being efficient! I hear its quite chilly back home right now. I sure hope it cools down here...Im sweating more than I did in Thailand, which I never thought it would be possible!

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